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Shipping and Handling

1. When will my order arrive?

- ALL orders (including custom and non-custom jewelry) will take up to 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS (excluding weekends and holidays) to process. Due to the high amount of orders we receive, we ask that our customers be patient during processing time. Shipping time varies from where the order is going to. You will receive a tracking number (carrier is USPS) in your email or by using the Shop app, you can track your order through there. Shipping times are usually 3-6 days in the U.S. and 1-3+ weeks INTERNATIONALLY.  International orders are sent through UPS.

*Due to COVID-19 and upcoming holidays, shipping times are delayed. We do NOT control what USPS or UPS does during transit. Everything depends on the order's destination. 

2. Can I return my order?

- We do not accept returns or refunds. After an order has been placed, a customer may CANCEL the order within 24 hours of placing the order. After the 24 hour time limit has been up, customers MAY NOT cancel or ask for a refund on an order. To request a cancellation within 24 hours, please contact the company via email (jewlzbytamz@gmail.com) or by DM for a faster response via Instagram (@jewlzbytamz)

3. How much is shipping?

- Standard USPS shipping is $6 and international UPS shipping is $20.

4. How do I track my order?

- After an order has been made and processed, a tracking number via USPS (or UPS if you're international) will be sent to an email or phone number provided with the order. 

5. What if I put the wrong address?

- We ask that you PLEASE type in the right address and make sure that it is the right address before completing your order. We are not responsible for LOST packages if you put in the wrong address. Also, if you live in an apartment, unit, building, etc... please put "Apt (apartment number), Unit (unit number), Bldg (building number)" so the package can be sent to the right person. If you do end up putting the wrong address or forget to put an (Apt, Unit, Bldg, etc...) number, please contact us via email (jewlzbytamz@gmail.com) or by DM for a faster response via Instagram (@jewlzbytamz) within 24 hours of your order. If your order has been shipped out with the wrong address and your package gets lost or sent back to us, we will charge a $5 fee for reshipment. 

6. What if my package gets lost during transit?

- We are not responsible for what USPS/UPS does during transit. If your tracking number states "arriving late, delayed, unscanned, etc...", we cannot do anything about the package. 

Product Information

1. How do I personalize names if there is no option on the product to customize it?

- You have to personalize names/initials during checkout IN YOUR CART in the box that states, "Personalize your jewelry here." Just simply type in the name/initial wanted IF you only have ONE (1) item. If you have two (2) or more items, type the item's name WORD FOR WORD and then type your desired names/initials. 


Initial Anklet + Butterfly Charm: M

Custom Name Necklace + Butterfly Charm: Kehlani

2. What are your products made of?

Everything is made of 18K gold filled which will not tarnish or change color with the proper care (please follow jewelry care instructions provided with your order). If your jewelry  does end up turning, it is because of metal-to-skin oil reaction. Everybody's body oils are different and reacts differently with different metals, therefore it is not our responsibility if your jewelry turns.

*NOTE: Avoid wearing in shower, when sweating, or sleeping with your jewelry from JewlzByTamz to ensure that your jewelry can last years. Our jewelry does not turn when coming in contact with moisture but please take proper care.

3. What if I want a longer chain?

- Our chains are usually 16 inches long. For longer chains, you may choose how long. Depending on how much longer you want the chain to be, there will be a $2-$5 fee. If you wish to have a longer chain, please contact us via email (jewlzbytamz@gmail.com) or by DM for a faster response via Instagram (@jewlzbytamz) within 24 hours of your order. We will provide you with a payment method and where to send the extra fee.

4. What if when I receive my jewelry and the chain is too small or too large?

- If a necklace chain does arrive smaller or larger than you wanted it to be and wish to have some chain adjustments, there will be a $10 fee. You may ship your jewelry back to us. All shipping fees via USPS are all up to you. We will not provide you with a shipping label for you to ship back to us. If you want your WHOLE order remade and sent to you without you not having to send your jewelry back to us, there will be a $15 fee (no $10 fee). If you do NOT want to pay extra fees, there are resources out there for you to purchase chain extenders. 

5. My jewelry broke!

- If your jewelry ARRIVES broken or damaged, please contact us via email (jewlzbytamz@gmail.com) or by DM for a faster response via Instagram (@jewlzbytamz) within 48 hours of RECEIVING your order. You will need to provide pictures of proof of damaged jewelry. We will send out a repaired piece back to you with NO CHARGE. If you have contacted us AFTER 48 hours of receiving your order about damaged jewelry, we will not accept the damage jewelry and will not refund you.